FEMA Dune Enhancement Project

FEMA Dune Enhancement Project


Mickler’s Landing Beachfront Park Construction Zone Alert – Starting Wednesday, Sept. 14, heavy construction equipment will be working on the beach north of the public beach access point at Mickler’s Landing Beachfront Park as part of the ongoing FEMA Dune Enhancement Project. Please be cautious when on the beach and beach access point. The contractor has set up traffic cones, beach patrol officers and flaggers to help pedestrians safely traverse the area adjacent to the construction activity. Work is expected to continue near the public beach access point until Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022. For more information on the FEMA Dune Enhancement Project, call (904) 209-0260 or email coastalprojects@sjcfl.us.

Construction Safety – Beach visitors are encouraged to exercise caution near areas of construction. Use extra care supervising children around the equipment on Ponte Vedra Beach.

Dune Plantings – Please stay off the newly constructed dunes in all project areas throughout the County. The freshly planted sea oats need time to grow and establish a strong root system. It is imperative that beachgoers stick to the designated dune crossing areas.


Current Work Zone – The area between Mickler's Landing and the 800 and 900 blocks of Ponte Vedra Boulevard is currently receiving sand. Sand Placement Progress Map

Project Details

  • Description

    • The project will enhance the existing dunes on 11.5 miles of beaches by placing up to 480,000 cubic yards of sand and planting dune vegetation, as conditions allow.

  • Project Location

    • The northern 9 miles of Ponte Vedra from the Duval County line to the GTMNERR northern boundary

    • The GTMNERR southern boundary to 2537 S Ponte Vedra Blvd - COMPLETE

    • Fort Matanzas Ramp North to 8324 A1A S - COMPLETE

  • Staging Areas

    • Cornerstone Park

    • 965 Ponte Vedra Blvd.

    • Mickler’s Landing Beachfront Park has reopened for daily public use.

  • Environmental Considerations

    • The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Wild life Commission, in consultation with the National Fish and Wildlife Service, have approved the sand quality, the geometry of the sand placement, and the efforts to protect marine turtles and their eggs.

    • The parts of the beach that will have sand placement or truck traffic are monitored every morning by specially permitted experts before construction activity can begin.

    • If any nests have been laid in those areas the previous night, they will be carefully relocated to a safe area outside of the work zone.


  • Construction Start – October 2021

  • Construction Completion – October 2022

Please see the Project Progress Map for the latest projections of timing for individual segments of the beach.


The project does not cost any additional money to the oceanfront homeowners. The project is funded through the FEMA Public Assistance program and County funds.

Temporary Construction Easements

  • St. Johns County will still accept easements from property owners as long as the request is made before the project reaches the property related to that particular easement.

  • The easements will last for 18 months, or until the project is complete, whichever is less.

  • The easements do not authorize access through the properties yards. All work will be done from the beach.

  • Please contact the Coastal Management team at 904-209-0260 or coastalprojects@sjcfl.us if you have not sent in your easement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will the sand be placed?
    • Sand will be placed on the seaward portion of the existing dune, landward of the high tide line and lower than the current dune crest.
  • How will the project affect current beach walkovers?
    • No sand will be placed over any part of the dune walkover, unless specifically requested by the property owner.
  • Will this project obstruct ocean views?
    • The new dune feature will not be higher than the existing dune crest.
  • Will this project impact my property tax?
    • No, and the homes that receive sand will do so at no additional cost.
  • What is the project schedule?
    • The project began construction in October 2021, and the current schedule for completion is October 2022.
  • Where can I track the progress on this project?
    • Regular project updates are posted on this webpage.
  • Will the project affect access to the beach?
    • Every effort will be made to safely maintain pedestrian and vehicular access to the beaches, but there will be temporary closures to the parts of the beach where work is occurring.
  • How were the sections of the beach selected?
    • FEMA policy determined which portions of the coastline are eligible and how much sand each section could receive. The reaches included in the current construction had Temporary Easements granted for over half of the project areas.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Coastal Management team at 904-209-0260, or coastalprojects@sjcfl.us.

Non-project Beach updates can be heard on the Beach Services Hotline at 904-209-0331.

FEMA Dune Enhancement Project

Project Area Map
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