Land Use Permitting

Buying a House? Want to keep livestock? Build a deck or retaining wall? Knowing what is allowable and what is not can save you time and money.

The resources on this page will assist you in making informed decisions about your current property or potential purchases.


1. Determine address and Strap (Parcel Identification) Number.
    Property Appraiser's Office

2. Locate Future Land Use Designation.
    Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map and iMap Interactive Mapping

3. Determine if the Use is allowed within the Use category.
    Land Development Code

4. Locate the Zoning District.
    Map Mart, view Zoning Maps


  • Map Mart
    Zoning, Land Use and Development Maps can be found here.
  • IMAP Layers (Land Use, Zoning, Utility Zones, Overlay Districts, etc.)
    Interactive mapping that will locate a parcel and related information with an address or PIN.
  • 2025 Comprehensive Plan (Land Use Element)
    St. Johns County land use planning.
  • Land Development Code
    The Land Development Code contains most of the land development regulations governing the development of property within unincorporated St. Johns County.

Workshop Presentations

Contact Us Before You Commit

Our Growth Management team can assist you with questions you may have about permitting and land use / development questions.

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