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St. Johns County is home to 292,466 people that are served by two municipalities and the County Government. The County is nestled in between the Atlantic Ocean and the St. Johns River and is filled with dozens of historical and natural landmarks, making  it ideally positioned to attract visitors and industry.

St. Augustine, the county seat, was incorporated under Florida law on
December 2, 1924. Other great communities include Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine Beach, Fruit Cove, Nocatee, Hastings, among others.

A recent study places St. Johns County as the 11th fastest-growing county in the United States with a current estimated population of 292,466. The county was established  in 1821 when General Andrew Jackson, Governor of the Territory of Florida, divided it into two counties with the eastern portion designated St. Johns County and the western Escambia County.

County Economy

The Department of Economic Development encourages a better balance of local employment opportunities, including the expansion of industrial and office-related jobs. By working together through strategic partnerships, St. Johns County welcomes and encourages those opportunities that will strengthen and diversify the County's economy.