Energy Efficiency Educational Outreach Program

Please Note: The Energy Efficiency Workshop series was an FY 2011 grant-funded program. While the program is not currently active, we are still able to offer the information and videos online.


In FY 2010-2011, St. Johns County won a competitive grant from the Department of Energy to be used to research energy efficiency information relevant to the County and to develop an Educational Outreach Program.

The program was intended to provide resources and technical assistance to our community at large. It is our hope our effort inspired residents and businesses to make St. Johns County a model of efficiency, created demand for energy efficient construction technologies, and helped by providing the technical knowledge to meet this demand.

Mission Statement

The St. Johns County Energy Efficiency Series promotes a cleaner environment, sustainable business practices and exceptional quality of life for County residents, businesses, and government through education and outreach.

  • Promote a market transformation towards sustainability and renewable energy sources
  • Empower consumers with the resources needed in the decision making process regarding the benefits of energy efficiency, including energy savings, quality of life and returns on investment.
  • Empower builders, developers, and contractors with information and technology that will make businesses and ongoing operations environmentally friendly and profitable.
  • Develop a program that is transferable and relevant to all communities

“As a Commissioner, I voted to approve applying for the grant for this program. I am pleased with the class & goals. Synchronize the lights! Develop a measurement tool to determine rate of success. Thank You.”  Ray A. Quinn

“I attended Wally's presentation on marketing. He is outstanding and I took some great ideas from that seminar.” John Alger AET Solar

“Due to my participation in this interesting and very educational series, I am both much more well-informed on many of the topics (Green Roofs, Geo-Exchange HP, solar, wind energy) and also working on a multi-family energy savings project because of the networking. I also see more work in the future coming directly out of relationships that I have had the opportunity to foster and grow because of this series.”
Keith Murray, Class 1 Certified Energy Rater Energy Design Solutions, Inc.






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