Turnbull Creek Restoration Project


Acquired in the early 2000s, this 760-acre parcel is located off SR 16 just south of South Francis Road. It is combined with another 400 acre conservation easement which preserves over 1,000 acres near the headwaters of Six Mile Creek. The property is being restored and protected as a result of mitigation activities. Water flow has been restored by removing forestry roads and filling old ditches associated with a former timber farm on the property. The forest has been thinned back out to more natural densities and prescribed fire has been introduced to the site to mimic natural conditions. A 10-acre wetland creation area has also been developed and is thriving with native aquatic plant species which that is used heavily by migratory and native water fowl. More information about Turnbull Tract & Restoration Project Map PDF

Turnbull Tract