2007 Habitat Conservation Plan Assessment

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2007 Annual Report
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  Table of Contents
  Executive Summary
Section 1 Public Vehicular Access
Section 2 Installing and Maintaining Traffic Barricades
Section 3 Standard Sea Turtle Monitoring Protocol
Section 4 Tire Tracks / Rut Removal Plan
Section 5 Implementation Measures
Section 6 Public Awareness Program
Section 7 Elevating Trash Receptacles
Section 8 Conservation Zone
Section 9 Four-Wheel Drive Training Program
Section 10 Beach Lighting Management Plan
Section 11 Beach Driving at Summer Haven
Section 12 Horseback Riding Monitoring Plan
Section 13 Daytime Nesting and Hatchling Events
Section 14 Emergency and Coastal Construction
Section 15 Sanitation Collection
Section 16 Ramp Grading
Section 17 Porpoise Point Vehicular Driving
Section 18 HCP and Protected Species Training
Section 19 Local Ordinance Amendments
Section 20 Enforcement
Section 21 Unforseen Circumstances
Section 22 Funding and Financial Commitment
Appendix Cover
Appendix A Standard Sea Turtle Monitoring Protocol
Appendix B Nesting Data Sheets
Appendix C St. Johns County Rut Removal Plan
Appendix D 2008 Beach Pass Leaflet
Appendix E.a Education Brochure Cover
Appendix E.b Education Brochure
Appendix E.c Education Brochure
Appendix F Conservation Zone Flyer
Appendix G.a North Beach Permit Cover
Appendix G.b North Beach Permit
Appendix G.c North Beach Permit
Appendix H North Beach Signage
Appendix I .a County Ordinance 99-33 Cover
Appendix I.b County Ordinance 99-33
Appendix J Annual County Lighting Letter Cover
Appendix K Annual City Lighting Letter Cover
Appendix L.a Letter Attachments Cover
Appendix L.b Request Form for Lighting Shields
Appendix L.c List of Modifications to Reduce Lighting Impacts
Appendix L.d Reference Guide
Appendix M Sea Turtle Sign
Appendix N Horseback Riding Permit
Appendix O Horse Day Pass Cover, Horse Day Pass Front, Horse Day Pass Back
Appendix P Washback Protocol
Appendix Q.a Previous Driving Lane
Appendix Q.b Bird Staking Area
Appendix Q.c Current Driving Lane
Appendix R Operating Budget