Turtle Tracks

Sea Turtle HatchlingsFast Facts Sea Turtle Population

» Each of the four species of sea turtle that nest on St. Johns County beaches leaves distinctly unique tracks, based on width and flipper pattern.

» Approximately 100 trained volunteers (called the "Turtle Patrol") dedicatedly observe St. Johns County's 41 miles of beaches during sea turtle nesting season to document the locations of sea turtle nests.

» At the end of the nesting season, the observations of these dedicated volunteers are reported to the United States Fish & Wildlife Service.

Please report any marine animals in distress to the Sheriff's Dispatch 904.824.8304.

Nesting Activity as of September 18, 2020

North Beaches
Loggerheads: 596 Greens: 39 Kemp's Ridley: 1 Leatherbacks: 16 Total: 652
Anastasia Island
Loggerheads: 147 Greens: 7 Kemp's Ridley: 0 Leatherbacks: 4 Total: 158
Matanzas Inlet South
Loggerheads: 38 Greens: 0 Kemp's Ridley: 0 Leatherbacks: 0 Total: 38
Total: 848

Reported Nests Evaluated: 598    |    Hatchlings Reported Emerged: 50,421

Fast Facts Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles (Lepidochelys kempii):

  • The smallest of the species that nest on St. John County Beaches.
  • Have powerful jaws that help them to crush and grind crabs, clams, mussels, and shrimp.
    They also like to eat fish, sea urchins, squid and jellyfish
  • The first DNA-confirmed nest in St. Johns County occurred in 2015.

Please report any marine animals in distress to the Sheriff's Dispatch 904.824.8304
For further information: www.sjcfl.us/HCP/index.aspx or follow us on Facebook, Twitter,
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Remember: Leave only your footprints in the sand.