Who is Eligible?

Are you a first time homebuyer?

Eligible applicants include individuals who don't own their current home, don't claim their mobile home as real property or have it homestead exempted, and haven’t owned a home within the past three years.

Acceptable Credit History

Acceptable does not mean that your credit must be perfect; however, you must be “credit worthy” to qualify for a home mortgage loan through the program’s lenders.

The St. Johns County Homeownership program has credit counselors to help you in rebuilding or perfecting your credit. If you believe that you have not established a good payment history, have negative credit items or have not established any credit, all is not lost. We can refer you to a legitimate, non-profit organization that can counsel you on repairing your credit and help you get positioned to attend the next St. Johns County Homeownership Programs Orientation.

Eligible Properties

Property must be located in St. Johns County and be an owner-occupied single family residence. Program requirements vary — condos, town homes, existing homes and DCA approved modular homes are eligible under certain programs. Mobile homes, duplexes, etc. are not.

Employment and Income

Must have a minimum of one year continuous satisfactory employment history in the same field for one year immediately prior to application. This includes part-time as well as full-time job history.