Vilano Beach Oceanfront Park

Vilano beachThe Vilano Beach Oceanfront Park site is located on 1.7 acres of beachfront property at 2750 Anahma Drive in Vilano Beach. Currently Fiddlers Green Restaurant, a four star oceanfront restaurant, sits nestled in the sand dunes, bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by Anahma Drive. To the north is the Vilano Beach Ramp which allows residents and visitors direct driving access to the beach. Located directly beside the ramp, St. Johns County has built a beach pavilion and small splash park. Amenities include outside showers, benches, bicycle racks, and restrooms. A hot spot in St. Johns County, the Vilano Beach Ramp will see up to, and sometimes more than 150 vehicles a day. The site is already home to the National Skim boarding Championships and an Easter Sunrise Service that has over 700 in attendance a year.

The proposed Vilano Beach Oceanfront Park lies within the Vilano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, the Waterfronts Florida and Main Street boundaries. The project site is also identified on the Scenic and Historic A1A Coastal Byway and the East Coast Greenway, an urban trail that runs from Key West, Florida to Calais, Maine. Acquisition of the project will give these groups and the community office space, meeting and archive space, fulfilling one of their requirements in the Scenic and Historic Byway designation application to provide for this need on the corridor.

As stated previously, the Vilano Beach Oceanfront Park sits adjacent to the Vilano Beach Ramp and the Vilano Beach Pavilion. Both of these sites are listed on the St. Johns County Recreation and Parks inventory, maintained and operated by St. Johns County Recreation and Parks Department.

St. Johns County utilized grant funding from Florida Communities Trust to acquire the Project Site and this Management Plan was developed to ensure that the Project Site will be developed in accordance with the Grant Award Agreement and in furtherance of the purpose of the grant application.

Funding sources for acquisition of this site included the St. Johns County General Fund, impact fees, and commercial paper. These funds were matched by a Florida Communities Trust award for joint acquisition with St. Johns County. Other than the restrictions imposed by Florida Communities Trust and this Management Plan, there are no limits on the use of the property.

Land use surrounding the site is mixed use. Located within the adjacent areas are hotels, stores, gas stations, and a county park. St. Johns County does not foresee any potential conflict regarding the uses or management of the project site, but enhancement to the community by this acquisition.