Proposed Land Development Code Amendments

Staff will be conducting a public workshop regarding proposed amendments received from the Northeast Florida Builders Association and the Citizens for a New Tree Ordinance. St. Johns County staff will be hosting a public forum to discuss staff's responses to the proposed amendments and would like to invite the public to attend and participate in the discussion. This is the third public forum regarding the proposals and the purpose of this meeting is to provide staff's proposed amendments in response to the initial requests and gain a better understanding of the proposals and identify those items with the potential to improve upon. The discussion will cover topics outlined in Articles II, IV, and VI of the Land Development Code and relate to environmental, technical and planning topics.

Land Development Code Amendments: Articles II, VI, IX, and XII – Staff will be proposing amendments to the Land Development Code that would clarify provisions regulating fences on vacant lots, clarifying the measurement of fence height, and modifying the review process for 2APS retail package sales of alcoholic beverages. Other amendments would include removing boat and recreational vehicle parking from Article II, Part 2.04.00 Prohibited Uses and placing the restriction within Article VI ,Part 6.08.00 Supplemental Design Standards for Specified Uses. Currently, there are several Pride cases seeking relief from this prohibited use. By removing this section from Prohibited Uses would allow an applicant to seek relief through a Zoning variance approvable by the Planning and Zoning Agency. Finally, this amendment would modify provisions and procedures within Article VI, Part 6.08.00 Supplemental Design Standards for regulating kennels. This amendment would expand upon existing text for kennels by specifying other similar uses and would create a new use for other types of facilities that board domestic animals for a temporary period of time as well as provide other services. These amendments will be heard at a regularly scheduled Board of County Commissioners meeting on June 7, 2018 at 9:00 A.M. Please see forthcoming staff report on the PZA Meeting Calendar, for further information.

Land Development Code Amendments: Articles III, VII, and X – Staff will be proposing amendments to Articles III, VII, and X that would amend specific design guidelines Overlay Districts, clarify sign code standards, and  revise procedural standards for relief from overlay district signage standards and PUD's. The second and final public hearing before the BCC is set for June 5th. Please see forthcoming staff report on the BCC Agenda, for further information.



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Neighborhood Bill of Rights

The Neighborhood Bill of Rights is an ordinance which gives neighborhood or homeowner associations increased notification, the ability to acquire more information, and the right to increase participation in matters of concern to their communities. To learn more, or sign up, visit the Neighborhood Bill of Rights page.


For more information about the Land Development Code and proposed amendments, please contact Joseph Cearley, Special Projects Manager  at or (904) 209-0590.