Purchasing Manual

Administrative Code, Purchasing Policies, and Procedures.

The Purchasing Policy has the Table of Contents included and each topic is linked to the appropriate page.

The Procurement Process

St. Johns County, Florida, in partnership with Onvia, Inc., processes its procurement transactions through the Onvia DemandStar electronic procurement system. Onvia DemandStar will enable St. Johns County to better connect with vendors and improve the overall efficiency of its purchasing operation.

Onvia DemandStar will provide vendors with access to important procurement information. Services that will be available to you include:

  • Notification of bid, proposal, and quote solicitations
  • Access to project detail information
  • Access to key documents via electronic download
  • Access to Planholders Lists
  • Access to contract award information
  • Ability to submit bid and quote responses online

You may register for Onvia DemandStar services online at www.demandstar.com/register.rsp. If you would like to register for your free notification service of purchase solicitations issued by St. Johns County through Onvia DemandStar, once you are logged onto the Web page, select the "Onvia DemandStar FREE AGENCY" option. On the form that opens, furnish the pertinent information for your business, be sure to enter St. Johns County in the Agency Name field.

Information / Assistance

If you have any questions, or need assistance with the Oniva website, please call Onvia Supplier Services at 1-800-711-1712.

Download: The Procurement Process (PDF Version)