Frequently Asked Questions

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New Resident

I am a new resident in St. Johns County, do I need to establish service for residential curbside service?
No, residents in St. Johns County pay for curbside collection through their Solid Waste Non-Ad Valorem Assessment. The assessment on your tax bill is for once-per-week service for garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection.

How do I obtain my scheduled service days, request a recycling cart, or schedule an appliance to be collected from my residence?
If you need to inquire about any of the following services or information, please see the contact information below for Republic Services and Waste Management for further assistance.

Service Providers

Who is the service provider for my area?

  • Waste Management provides residential curbside service to residents in the southern half of St. Johns County and can be reached directly at (904) 827-1005.
  • Republic Services provides residential curbside service to residents in the northern half of St. Johns County and can be reached directly at (904) 825-0991.
  • Service Provider Collection Boundaries Map

Schedule & Holiday Delays

What is the scheduled service day for my garbage, recycling, and yard debris collection?
Garbage, recycling, and yard debris collection schedules are managed directly by the residential service providers. If you need to inquire about your scheduled day of service, please contact Republic Services or Waste Management for further assistance.

Will my service day be delayed on a holiday?
There will be no garbage, yard waste and recycling collections on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. If you need an updated schedule for the following holidays, please contact (904) 827-6980.


How do I receive a recycling cart for my home?
To order a recycling cart or to request an exchange for your residence, please contact your service provider directly for further assistance.

I have to remove labels from cans when I recycle them?
No, labels do not have to be removed prior to recycling, however remove caps and rinse the containers.

What can be recycled curbside in St. Johns County?
St. Johns County makes it easy to be a responsible recycler. Place only the five categories of recyclable items, loose (unbagged) in your recycling cart.

I put my recyclables in a plastic bag and they did not pick them up, why?
All recyclables must be loose and inside of the cart. Bagged recyclables are not sorted and plastic bags get tangled in sorting equipment causing recycling to shut down.

What can I do with all of my cardboard boxes?
Cardboard boxes must be flattened and placed inside of your recycling cart on your service day or taken to the Cardboard Recycling Drop-Off Center at either the Tillman Ridge or Stratton Road Transfer Station, free of charge. No other recyclables will be accepted at the Drop-Off Center at this time.

Transfer Stations

What are the hours of operation for Tillman Ridge and Stratton Rd Transfer Station?
The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturday 7am to 1pm.
: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Where are the Transfer Stations located?

  • Tillman Ridge Transfer Station
    3005 Allen Nease Road, Elkton, FL 32033 (Map)
  • Stratton Rd Transfer Station
    250 N Stratton Road, St. Augustine, FL. 32095 (Map)

If I am a resident of St. Johns County can I bring my household waste to Tillman Ridge or Stratton Rd transfer station and what does it cost?
Residents of St. Johns County with proof of residence (driver's license with your current St. Johns County address) can bring items to either the Tillman Ridge or Stratton Rd Transfer Station. (Fees may apply)

Other items such as pressure treated wood, tires, residential construction debris, and latex/oil-based paint are accepted across the scale for a charge. For more information about items that fall in this category, please contact us at (904) 827-6980. Cash or check only.

Where can I dispose of construction and demolition debris?

  • Residents in St. Johns County can bring construction & demolition debris to Tillman Ridge or Stratton Rd Transfer Station for a prorated fee of $61.65 per ton across the scale. (cash or check only)
  • Commercial businesses must take construction & demolition debris to St. Marks C&D Disposal Facility off of International Golf Pkwy, (904) 825-2105 or Waste Pro Transfer Station off SR 207, (904) 819-1738.

Where can I dispose of residential household hazardous waste?
Household Hazardous Waste can be dropped off at Tillman Ridge or Stratton Rd Transfer Stations. Items include: motor oil, oil filters, gasoline, wax, cleaners, soap, pool chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, grout, aerosol cans, antifreeze, adhesives, etc. Oil-based paint, latex paint and fluorescent light bulbs are also accepted and a disposal fee is charged. Fuel must be transported in an approved container, and the container may need to be left at the drop-off center.


When are Community Collection Day events scheduled in St. Johns County? Is there a charge?
Community Collection Day Events are held from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday's at different locations throughout the county. This allows residents to safely dispose of household hazardous waste, electronics, chemicals, tires (10 per household), and rechargeable batteries free of charge. For upcoming scheduled events, please continue to visit our website for updates or contact us directly.

When is the next upcoming shredding event in St. Johns County?
The shredding events are held by each residential franchise hauler as a requirement of their contract. This provides residents with an excellent opportunity to recycle and shred all of their confidential documents for FREE. For upcoming scheduled events, please continue to visit our website for updates or contact us directly.


I have already paid for my trash collection service this year, why is it showing up on my tax bill?
The Solid Waste Non-Ad Valorem Assessments are paid for in advance of receiving the service. The assessment you see on your tax bill is for next years' service. The service period is from January 1st through December 31st.

Dumpsters / Roll Off Containers

How do I get a dumpster or set up recycling services for my business?
The Commercial Haulers List service commercial properties and businesses that need a dumpster as their primary means of waste disposal or to set up recycling services.

I'm remodeling my home and need a large trash container. How do I get one?
The Construction and Demolition Haulers List service homeowners and businesses that are remodeling and need a roll-off container for construction and demolition projects.

Questions or Concerns?

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your residential curbside services? Please contact us at or (904) 827-6980 for further assistance.

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SJC Public Works Office
2750 Industry Center Rd
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 827-6980

Tillman Ridge
Transfer Station

3005 Allen Nease Rd
Elkton, FL. 32033 (Map)

Stratton Rd
Transfer Station
250 N. Stratton Rd
St. Augustine, FL. 32095 (Map)

Transfer Station Hours
Monday Friday: 7 a.m. 6 p.m.
Saturday: 7 a.m. 1 p.m.
Closed: Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas,
and New Year's Day Holidays

Questions or Concerns
Please contact us at (904) 827-6980
for further assistance.