Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a copy of the survey of my property?

The St. Johns County Surveying and Mapping Division only surveys County owned properties. We do not have copies of surveys of privately owned land. To obtain a copy of your survey you would need to contact the title company or attorney that handled your closing or if you know the name of the surveyor you can contact them directly. In many states surveys are recorded, Florida is not one of those states. The legal description for the property may be recorded, but not the actual survey.

Does St. Johns County Survey Division survey residential property?

No, the St. Johns County Surveying and Mapping Division only surveys County owned properties. The yellow pages in your local phone book offer many surveyors to choose from. Look under "Land Surveyors".

Are surveyors allowed on private property?

YES, according to FLORIDA STATUTE 472.029 which states "Surveyors and mappers or their subordinates may go on, over, and upon the lands of others when necessary to make surveys and maps or locate or set monuments, and, in so doing, may carry with them their agents and employees necessary for that purpose. Entry under the right granted by this subsection does not constitute trespass, and surveyors and mappers and their duly authorized agents or employees so entering are not liable to arrest or to a civil action by reason of such entry; however, this subsection does not give authority to registrants, subordinates, agents, or employees to destroy, injure, damage, or move any physical improvements on lands of another without the written permission of the landowner."

What are the survey crews doing on my road?

If the crew is identified as a St. Johns County Survey Crew, you can contact our survey department at, or (904) 209-0766 to find out what type of survey they are doing in that area.






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