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Richard O. Watson Judicial Center
4010 Lewis Speedway
St. Augustine, FL 32084



Mark Weinberg, Court Administrator, (386) 257-6097

Julie Keyser, Deputy Court Administrator, (904) 827-5617

About Judicial Services

St. Johns County is one of four counties in the Seventh Judicial Circuit.  As one of the State’s 20 judicial circuits, the Seventh Judicial Circuit also encompasses Flagler, Putnam and Volusia counties.

Florida has a two-tier trial courts system consisting of Circuit and County courts in each of the 20 judicial circuits.  Circuit and County Court judges are elected by popular vote, but may be appointed by the Governor when vacancies occur.  Circuit and County Court Judges serve six-year terms, at the end of which they may run for re-election.  Circuit Judges preside over criminal (felony) cases; civil disputes where the amount in controversy is more than $30,000; family matters, including dissolutions of marriage, injunctions for protection, juvenile delinquency and juvenile dependency; probate, guardianship and civil commitment proceedings; and appeals from County Court.  Additional information regarding Circuit Courts is contained in Chapter 26, Florida Statutes. County Court Judges hear criminal (misdemeanor) cases; civil disputes where the amount in controversy is $30,000 or less, including small claims and landlord/tenant; and civil infractions, including traffic, boating, hunting and fishing.  Additional information regarding County Courts is contained in Chapter 34, Florida Statutes.

Currently, five Circuit Judges and three County Court Judges are assigned to St. Johns County.

For more information about the Seventh Judicial Circuit and its Judges, visit www.circuit7.org.

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