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St. Johns County Ethics Training Resources

Online Courses

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  • Voting Conflicts – Local Officers (mp4 video)
    This 55-minute presentation addresses the voting conflicts statute as applied to local officers. It discusses the differences in voting conflicts at the state and local level, as well as the circumstances in which a voting conflict for a local officer will not be found. Finally, it covers how a local officer should respond if a voting conflict is presented.
  • Ethics Laws (mp3 audio)
    This 50-minute presentation addresses conflicting business and employment relationships, blind trusts, prohibitions on public employees holding office and dual public employment, post-office-holding (revolving door) prohibitions, voting conflicts, and additional restrictions, for state level and/or local level public officers, public employees, and certain others, including but not limited to members of the Legislature.
  • Gift Laws (mp4 video)
    This 50-minute presentation is a review of the ethics laws governing the acceptance of gifts and things of value, as well as the Executive Branch lobbyist expenditure ban.
  • Financial Disclosure – Form 1 (mp4 video)
    This 52-minute presentation is about the Form 1, Statement of Financial Interests. It provides a brief overview of the financial disclosure process, as well as detailed instructions on how to complete the Form 1. The presentation also discusses automatic fines for late filing, consequences for failure to file, and the disclosure appeal process.

All links above lead to material on the Florida Commission on Ethics website.

Public Records

Documenting Course Completion

After each course, document the date of completion on the certification of completion form. Once all of the courses are complete and all of the dates have been filled in, sign the form and return it the Office of the County Attorney.

Additional Resources

Additional training on these subjects can be found at Florida Commission on Ethics