A Message from Commissioner Smith

Commissioner Jeb SmithI am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as your County Commissioner. The reality of being elected and the breadth of the responsibility of this position are being pursued and fulfilled with prayer, fervor, and enthusiasm. I am here to serve. Hence, my ears are prepared to listen and my hands are ready to work. I appreciate your support and am anxious to assist you.

For centuries, our area has not been the focus of development and growth. Our terrestrial paradise was mostly rural and home to wildlife and domesticated livestock. A few European settlers and Native Americans had roots here but no significant population ever threatened our tranquility. That is no longer the situation. We are now experiencing accelerated growth and its benefits and challenges.

We are very blessed to live in St. Johns County. I believe it is one of the greatest places to reside and work on earth. The geographic and climatic benefits are actively alluring families to locate here. With a beautiful coastline comprising our eastern border and the serenity of the St. Johns River in the west, waterfront property abounds along with the pleasure it provides. Ample greenspace and access to areas of outdoor recreation are unparalleled.

There are jobs, too. Our County houses many viable industries critical to the local, state, national, and global economies. Agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing are viable. Likewise, we are the home of the Professional Golfers Association (P.G.A.) and the Association of Tennis Professionals (A.T.P.). I am determined to make sure that our County government does all it can to insure that our businesses not only survive but thrive. An environment conducive to growth and expansion is imperative for these entities.

Accompanying growth are challenges. A quality water supply for business and residents, road expansion and maintenance, public safety, and many more areas of service will be brought to the forefront in the near future. As we compete on a global level, the businesses that call us home are adapting. Our government's involvement in reconciling some of these issues may vary. But we are committed to assisting our citizens and protecting their rights and welfare. We have challenges. We have some solutions.

District 2 has been my home all my life. Except for the years I spent in college, I have lived and worked on my farm in Hastings. My family has resided in St. Johns County over 100 years. It is home. We have seen changes. We have witnessed challenges and obstacles. Yet, firmly rooted in faith, perseverance and vision have directed us through tumult and to where we are today.

If you have any needs or would like to relay some of your ideas, please contact me. I look forward to listening to you and helping you.

Your servant,
Jeb S.


500 San Sebastian View
St. Augustine, FL 32084
P: (904) 209-0302
C: (904) 669-2965
F: (904) 209-0312
E: bcc2jsmith@sjcfl.us

Republican, Term Expires: 2018
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