Project Location

The project limits extend from Racetrack Road in the north to County Road 208 in the south, forming a 15-mile corridor. This corridor has been divided into three sections.

  • North Segment: Begins at Race Track Road and proceeds south along the existing alignment of Russell Sampson Road to a power line easement. It then parallels the power line easement to its termination at CR 210, a distance of 3.1 miles.
  • Central Segment: Begins at CR 210 and proceeds south parallel to I-95. It crosses International Golf Parkway near Mill Creek Elementary School and terminates at SR 16, a distance of 8 miles.
  • South Segment: Begins at SR 16 and proceeds south, east of Six Mile Creek, and terminates at CR 208 near Bakersville, a distance of 4.1 miles.

This study will focus on the Central and South segments (CR 210 to CR 208). The North segment is being designed by the developers of Durbin Crossing.

Link to CR2209 Map
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