Overview of this Study

Project Overview

The purpose of the proposed new County Road 2209 is to provide a local traffic reliever for I-95.

In 1995 St. Johns County entered into an agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation to provide this new transportation facility. This roadway will run north / south paralleling I-95 as it passes through St. Johns County, between Race Track Road and CR 208. The roadway will provide local traffic with an alternative to the interstate when traveling within this area of the county.

This preliminary engineering study was preceded by a Corridor Study and the Northwest St. Johns County Sector Plan. The Corridor Study, completed in 2001, recommended the corridor shown in the Project Location section of this website. Adopted in 2002 and modified last year, the Northwest St. Johns County Sector Plan established the long range land use for the area traversed by CR 2209 and included the recommended corridor within which the alignment alternatives will be studied.

Coordination will occur with any and all ongoing public and private developments within the study area will occur throughout the Preliminary Engineering Study. Consideration will also be given to minimizing social, environmental, and economic impacts.