Manatee Protection Plan

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Front Cover & Table of Contents

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List of Acronyms

Executive Summary


General information about manatees, the current status of how they are protected legally, a description of St. Johns County’s waterways and the local economic impact of marine related industry.

Inventory of Existing Conditions.

Detailed information on their natural habitats, interaction with humans, how manatees are impacted by development and what education efforts are currently being made.

Recommended Action Plan.

Detailed information regarding protection of their natural habitats, improvements for human interaction and land development as well as enhancing education/awareness efforts.

Implementation Schedule.

Description and graph of the timeline for St. Johns County to begin making the changes/suggestions in the MPP (manatee protection plan).

Bibliography and References Cited.

Additional resources on this topic.

Appendices: A-I

The Finalized Manatee Protection Plan was sent to St. Johns County September of 2005.