GIS Data Depot

The GIS Data Depot is a collection of data layers from our GIS Data Library, which are downloadable in shapefile or file geodatabase format. The purpose of this site is to provide access to the GIS Data for agencies, businesses, and the general public to support making better informed decisions. The individual files that make up each data layer are compressed and stored as a .zip file for faster downloading. The .zip file can be uncompressed after downloading using WinZip or other Windows-based utilities.

  • The GIS Data Depot table shown below lists all of the data that is available for download. The datasets are organized by theme and each data layer in the table may have three links:
  • The Download link, which displays the type of data (shapefile or file geodatabase). Click the link to download the .zip file.
  • The View link, which displays the Metadata (information about the data) for the data layer. Click the link to view the Metadata file.
  • The Map link, which displays a PDF icon only if a map is associated with the data layer. Click the PDF icon to view, print, or save the map.

In addition, the table lists the date when the data layer was posted and the file size of the .zip file. When a new .zip file is posted after the user's initial visit to the site, the date will appear with a double asterisk (**) for each data layer to notify the user that an updated file is available for download.

By downloading the GIS Data files on this page, you agree that you have read and understand the terms and conditions listed in the Disclaimer.

PDFs open in a new window and require Adobe Acrobat Reader