Public Safety Maps

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Coastal High Hazard Area
Coastal High Hazard Area

This map illustrates the Coastal High Hazard Area which is the area below the elevation of the Zone 1 storm surge zone line.

June 19, 2014   |   8½" x 11"   |   990K PDF

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Evacuation Zones Evacuation Zones

This map illustrates the Hurricane Evacuation Zones within St. Johns County.

August 28, 2019   |   8½" x 11"   |   893K PDF

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Fire Stations Fire Stations

This map shows the Fire Station locations including St. Johns County Fire Rescue Department and the City of St. Augustine Fire Department.

May 14, 2020   |   8½" x 11"   |   2MB PDF

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Fire Zones Fire Zones

This map illustrates the Fire response zones, which are used to coordinate fire response and operations.

May 14, 2020  |   8½" x 11"   |  1.1MB PDF   

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Flood Hazard Map Flood Hazard Map

This map shows FEMA flood zones within St Johns County.

December 7, 2018   |   24" x 36"   |   7.2MB PDF

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Flood Plain Analysis for Community Insurance Ratings Flood Plain Analysis for Community Insurance Ratings

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) uses a Community Rating System (CRS) to set flood insurance discounts. GIS was used to calculate the percentage of open space within the floodplain, as an indicator for floodwater absorption. The GIS analysis improved the CRS point value for St. Johns County, giving residents a discount on their flood insurance premiums. This was one of two St. Johns County maps selected for the prestigious ESRI Map Book 2000, Applications of GIS.

July 13, 1999   |   8½" x 11"   |   1.2MB PDF 

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Hurricane Evacuation Routes Hurricane Evacuation Routes

This map illustrates the Hurricane Evacuation Routes.

July 23, 2019  |  8½" x 11"   |   706K PDF

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Hurricane Floyd Imapct Map Hurricane Floyd Impact Map

In 1999 Hurricane Floyd moved along the coast of Northeast Florida. As a Category 5 hurricane, it threatened our county and had a widespread effect. This map illustrates the actions and events within our county, and is a reminder of the danger of hurricanes.

June 21, 2000  |  36" x 36"  |   3MB PDF

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Hurricane Tracking Chart Hurricane Tracking Chart

Your preparations for hurricane season should include this chart for tracking the Atlantic storms. This map includes a highlight of St. Johns County, complete with latitude, longitude, and the storm names in a very effective size designed for home printers.

View / Save Map  May 19, 2021  |  8" x 11"  |   818K PDF

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Storm Surge Zones Storm Surge Zones

This map shows the Storm Surge for each Hurricane Category within St. Johns County.

April 10, 2014   |  8½" x 11"   |   3.2MB PDF

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The GIS Division can print these maps for you in a variety of sizes or copy them to a CD for a small fee.