Development Order / Building Permit Extensions

Section 14 of SB 360 provides in part as follows:

(1) Except as provided in subsection (4), and in recognition of 2009 real estate market conditions, any permit issued by the Department of Environmental Protection or a water management district pursuant to Part IV of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, that has an expiration date of September 1, 2008, through January 1, 2012, is extended and renewed for a period of two years following its date of expiration. This extension includes any local government-issued development order or building permit. The two-year extension also applies to build-out dates including any build-out date extension previously granted under s. 380.06(19)(c), Florida Statutes.

(3) The holder of a valid permit or other authorization that is eligible for the 2-year extension shall notify the authorizing agency in writing no later than December 31, 2009, identifying the specific authorization for which the holder intends to use the extension and the anticipated timeframe for acting on the authorization.

Pursuant to Chapter 2009-96, Laws of Florida ("SB 360"), the development orders (including the certificates of concurrency) and/or building permits must have an expiration date between September 1, 2008 through January 1, 2012; and, the applicant must be “in compliance” with all the terms and conditions of a particular development order or building permit to qualify for the extension. It is incumbent upon the applicant to ensure that they meet the requirements for qualification, as stated above. If, upon future application that involves the related property, it is discovered that they were not in compliance at the time of the notification of extension, or that they did not meet the requirements for qualification as outlined above, such extension may not be valid.

If you believe you qualify please submit a letter to Suzanne Konchan, Growth Management Director requesting specifically the SB 360 extension. Please include specific reference to all development orders / permits specifically requested for extension, including their case numbers and names and anticipated timeframe for acting on the permits. A sample letter of request is provided for your convenience.