Bird Stewarding and Monitoring Program

nesting least ternSummer weekends and holidays can be disastrous for beach-nesting birds since the level of disturbance from people, pets, and vehicles is often higher than usual. In these situations, signs posted around the nests may not be enough to fully protect the sites. This is where bird stewards come in. Bird stewards carry out two important tasks while out on the beaches: they minimize disturbance to the nests by guarding posted areas and reporting violations to law enforcement, and educate beach-goers about beach-nesting birds. The birds typically nest between March and August, though we never know exactly where and when bird stewards will be needed until the birds have started nesting. After the nests and colonies are located, bird stewards begin their watches.

Bird Monitors help track nesting locations and the number of beach-nesting birds throughout the season. This monitoring information contributes to the statewide picture and also provides feedback to park managers on whether their efforts have resulted in successful nesting outcomes.

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pair of least terns