Sea Turtle Patrol Toolkit

Important Information and HCP Training

Sea turtle hatchlingSuccessful implementation of the HCP requires coordination, teamwork, and consistency by all involved in marine turtle protection. Marine Turtle Permit holders (MTPs) and those sea turtle monitoring personnel listed on the FWC Marine Turtle Permit are required to complete HCP training prior to each nesting season. Training will include HCP and/or ITP updates, and any other information SJC needs to provide for successful implementation of the HCP and compliance with the ITP.

  • Step One: Complete your training: Annual HCP Training
  • Step Two: When you are done take this fun Refresher Quiz  as it reports your completion of this year's training to St. Johns County Habitat Conservation Section.
  • Step Three: Driving / Parking Permits obtained through Jade O'Neill, or 904-209-0619. For official use only during sea turtle nesting patrols.

Data Entry

Laptop / Desktop


Do you need more supplies? Let your permit holder know to contact us and we will deliver them to your zone.


Weather: It is important that you know what kind of weather to expect during your morning surveys.
You can also load a weather predictor app on your iPhone or Smartphone. NOAA Weather Florida

Tides: It is important that you know what type of tide you will be encountering on your morning surveys.
You can also load a tides predictor app on your iPhone or Smartphone. NOAA Tide Predictor

stranded marine mammalWho do I call?

Never push an animal back into the ocean. The animal is either injured or ill and needs medical attention.

  • Stranded Sea Turtle – 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)
    If you are sea turtle patrol volunteer contact your permit holder.
  • Marine Mammals – 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)
    This includes whales and dolphins.
  • FWC Fish Kill HotlineSubmit a Fish Kill Report online,
    or call 1-800-636-051.
    All fish types including but not limited to sharks and sunfish

Contact & Connect

Facebook – Join us on Facebook, if you want to post an interesting story, highlight a volunteer, or post pictures by emailing, you’ll receive confirmation that your request has been received and posted with in 24 hours.

Interested in volunteering? To find our more please visit the Survey Zones page.

Turtle on the beach