Needs Assessment March 2011

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Title Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Part One: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Purpose, context and methodology of the study

Part Two: Needs Assessment

  • Chapter 2: An integration of findings from the three survey groups
  • Chapter 3: Results of the citizen and consumer survey
  • Chapter 4: Results of the direct service staff survey
  • Chapter 5: Results of the community leader survey
  • Chapter 6: Qualitative perspectives on health and human service needs
  • Chapter 7: Empirical perspectives on health and human services needs

Part Three: Transition

  • Chapter 8: From need assessment to system assessment

Part Four: Systems Assessment

  • Chapter 9: The current context for the provision of health and human services
  • Chapter 10: Assets, barriers and infrastructure
  • Chapter 11: The financial impacts of providers: Viewing health and human services from an economic development and impact perspective
  • Chapter 12: Return on investment: The research findings
  • Chapter 13: Performance management: A community return on investment approach

Part Five: Conclusions and Recommendations


Download the complete Needs Assessment Report (8.6MB zip archive).