SJC Environmental Scan

Using data obtained from local independent agencies, the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Children and Families, and other resources, County staff  develops the Environmental Scans. The purpose of the scan is to develop a multi-disciplinary approach of prevention and intervention services for the residents of St. Johns County. In turn, this approach will assist in the education of the community of the services and providers in our area. In addition, the scan can assist in identifying the potential gaps in services in our County as well as show the strengths and weaknesses in areas within the County.

After the numbers of services provided are tallied, the area in which the services were provided is imposed upon maps of the County which correlates to the residence of the client served by zip code. Using this method, the BCC, independent agencies and others can visually detect the areas within the County where services are currently being provided and the amounts of such service provision. The scan can also assist in identifying areas where services for County residents are lacking. Therefore, the scan can assist in planning for future needs within the County as well as track health issues by zip codes.


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