Affordable Housing Grant Program FAQs

Affordable Housing Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions (Download PDF)

  1. Why is construction not an eligible category if doing permanent housing, wouldn't a project such as Habitat for Humanity homeownership be considered both new construction and permanent housing? In the above example, “Permanent Housing” would be noted as the correct “Type of Project”. (Project Application Form, pg. 1)
  2. When does the Affordable Housing Grant Review Committee meet, when are their 'regularly scheduled meetings'? At this time and because this is a new grant, it has not been decided when the Affordable Housing Grant Review Committee will convene on a regular basis. Notification as to when the Affordable Housing Grant Review Committee will meet shall be forthcoming.
  3. May I request to know who the Director has appointed to sit on the Affordable Housing Grant Review Committee (both staff and non-staff members if applicable). I understand that no lobbying is allowed, but I would like to know who will be reviewing the applications. As of 9/14/2016, the Director of Health and Human Services does not have a complete list of appointments. Once the list of appointees is complete, it will be distributed to the grant applicants.
  4. Who is the 'contact person for this application'? If you have any questions concerning the grant, you may contact the Housing and Community Development Manager, Joseph Cone, at (904) 827-6898 or via email at
  5. The evaluation process indicates that the BCC will approve applications and then instruct staff to prepare a grant agreement for the Board's “future consideration,” does that mean that the Board can change their decision after the Nov. 1 decision? Yes. The Board always has the right to not enter into an agreement at any time. No agreement should be considered finalized until the Board executes a contract with an agency. The intent of getting the Board's approval of applications is to allow the Board to review the projects with staff and allow the Board to instruct staff to prepare an agreement.
  6. If acquisition has already taken place, should it be included in costs and schedule even if it occurred in the past? Yes. All information, concerning the project, should be included with the grant application so that the Affordable Housing Grant Review Committee is able to comprehensively review all of the application.
  7. Can additional documentation be provided other than the requested submissions listed in item 14 or are we limited to those? For example, if we wanted to provide a more detailed budget and schedule, can that be an attachment or does all the info requested in items 11 and 12 need to be within the application document itself? Yes. All information, concerning the project, should be included with the grant application so that the Affordable Housing Grant Review Committee is able to review the application. Staff encourages all applicants to provide as much information, concerning the project, as they can.
  8. Page 1 of the application document has this wording: “If the project is approved, funds will be available after approximately DATE” is there an 'approximate date' that is available for nonprofit planning purposes? Funds will be available upon execution of an agreement between an agency and the Board. 9. Are we expected to try and fill in the information on your application, or can we retype it into WORD and expound on our answers? You are more than welcome to provide additional attachments and pages to your application if needed. Generally speaking, the more information the better. This will allow the committee to review your application in a comprehensive manner. A WORD document of the application will be provided.
  9. Is there a scoring criterion everyone should consider in terms of how certain things will be weighted, or is it more dynamic? The scoring criteria are evenly weighed to reflect the information requested in the application. Proposals that thoroughly and completely address the application questions will score better.
  10. The audit for my organization exceeds 100 pages. Should I submit a copy of the entire document in an effort to meet the requirements of the grant? (page 4, #14, e.) No. A copy of the summary page, along with a citation or cover sheet, or some other type of reference to the firm that authored the report or assessment will be sufficient.