What the Homeownership Program Does

The St. Johns County Homeownership Programs has assembled a team of housing professionals to guide eligible first time homebuyers through all phases of the home buying process. This comprehensive program provides the following services:

  • One-on-one credit counseling for rebuilding or perfecting your credit history.
  • Homeownership Education
  • Affordability Consultation
  • Referral to the most beneficial mortgage loan program for your individual situation.
  • Access to all available State or Federal down payment / purchase assistance programs you are eligible for.
  • The ability to access SHIP purchase assistance funds to partner or layer with other state or federal funds if needed. (When available.)
  • Coordinates interaction between the credit counselor, mortgage consultant, lender, purchase assistance programs, builder/developer or realtor and closing agent.

Please Note: Submittal of a St. Johns County Homeownership Program Registration Packet is mandatory in order to participate in county programs offering purchase assistance funds.