Program Goals

Environmentally sensitive landPreserve/Conserve and Maintain Environmentally Sensitive Lands
  • Protect Unique Rare and/or Imperiled Vegetation Communities
  • Protect Unique, Rare and/or Imperiled Wildlife Habitat
  • Protect Wetlands and Upland Systems that Create Complete Environments
  • Sustain Regionally Significant Habitat, Strategic Habitat and Biodiversity Hot Spots
Create Greenways, Blueways and Connecting Corridors
  • Protect Scenic Views, Vistas and Highways
  • Establish Interconnected "Green Areas" for Birding, Hiking, Walking and Horseback Riding
  • Protect Natural Water Courses "Blueways" for Boating, Fishing, Shelfishing and Canoeing
  • Create and Protect Interconnecting Corridors for Natural Ecosystems, Wildlife Corridors, Equestrian Trails and Human Beings
Protect Water Quality
  • Maintain and Improve Clean Drinking Water
  • Support Aquatic Preserves and Outstanding Florida Waters (OFW's)
  • Protect Recreational Waters for Boating, Fishing and Water Sports
  • Reduce Flood Hazards
Preserve Historic, Archaeological, Scenic and Cultural Resources
  • Preserve Historic and Archaeologically Significant Sites
  • Protect Important Cultural Resources
  • Protect Scenic Areas
Increase Recreational Sites
  • Create Opportunities for Active Parks
  • Create Opportunities for Passive Parks
  • Create Educational Opportunities and Land Acquisition Partnerships







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