Land Acquisition & Management Program


The St. Johns County Land Acquisition and Management Program (LAMP) Conservation Board identifies, evaluates and recommends lands to be acquired in the unincorporated areas of the County for conservation, management and passive recreational opportunities.


The LAMP Conversation Board assists with the acquisition and conservation of lands that enhance or promote ecological communities, green space, water resources, outdoor passive recreation, as well as historic, educational and scientific activities. LAMP ranks lands to best achieve program goals, which includes but is not limited to protecting habitats and listed species, providing connections to natural corridors and protecting and interpreting cultural resources.

Nominate a Property

LAMP is a willing seller program and the Conservation Board recommends properties on an annual basis to the Board of County Commissioners for potential acquisition for conservation purposes. These properties may include those to be submitted by current property owners, available for sale on the market, LAMP Board members or the general public. If you feel a certain property will contribute to the program’s goals, the LAMP Land Acquisition Application may be submitted for evaluation by the Conservation Board at an upcoming meeting, which is open to the public.

Property Evaluation Matrix

Consistent with the LAMP Ordinance, the LAMP Conservation Board developed property selection criteria, standards and ranking matrices based on the objectives listed in the ordinance. When a property is considered by the LAMP Board for evaluation for recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners, a standard Property Evaluation Matrix is utilized to score the properties to potentially be listed in the LAMP property recommendation list. Scores from each Board member are averaged together and properties with higher scores may be ranked higher on the list, which is updated and presented to the Board of County Commissioners annually. Property Evaluation Process

LAMP Conservation Board

The LAMP Conservation Board meets on the second Tuesday in the first month of each quarter.
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