Right-of-Way Division

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Please Note: Need Residential Driveway Permitting? Contact Shawna Morrison or Haylee Sapp in the Development Review Division @ (904) 209-0660.

Rick Mauldin, Right-of-Way Utility Permitting Manager

About the ROW Division

All right-of-way utility permitting responsibilities are handled through the Engineering Division. Currently this division permits primarily water, sewer, gas, electric, cable, telecommunications and fiber-optic installations. Commercial driveways are permitted through this department if the Development requires a NDRC Review or if the commercial driveway is reconstructed or modified in any way.

This division also ensures that utilities and various other installations within SJC rights-of-ways adhere strictly to the St. Johns County Land Development Code as passed by the Board of County Commissioners in 1999.

We work closely with all County and State departments as well as with utility companies, engineering firms and residents. This creates better coordination and quality, as well as assuring that all work done in County rights-of-ways meets strict standards and provides for public safety. The end result is tremendous cost savings to St. Johns County and taxpayers.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Work with the Engineering Division’s Project Managers to eliminate conflicts between Right-Of-Way Division utility permitting, Capital Improvement Projects, and Transportation Trust Fund Projects.
  • Conduct site reviews for utility projects.
  • Notify the Code Enforcement Division and State agencies of code violations and assist in solving those issues.
  • Review all right-of-way permit applications, drawings, and specification.
  • Coordinate meetings and final inspections on all permitted utility projects with other County Departments & Government Agencies.
  • Provides public notice of pending projects based on the NBR (Neighborhood Bill of Rights) requirements as set forth under County Ordinance # 2007-1.


All Right-of-Way Division staff are certified by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as erosion, stormwater and sedimentation control inspectors. This helps to prevent non-stormwater discharges into the county’s storm drainage system and ensures that the water quality in St. Johns County is maintained by eliminating run-off of sediment from construction sites.

There are four staff members assigned to this division: Two serve primarily as Office Staff and two are Field Inspectors.

Inspections / Repairs

For final inspections or emergency repairs call: (904) 209-0126 twenty-four hours a day. Please leave as much information as possible, such as: permit number, address, contact information, etc.