Resilience Projects

St. Johns County Resilience projects


DEP Resilience Planning Grant for North Beach Area 
The County, in partnership with the University of Florida | IFAS Program for Resource Efficient Communities and Shimberg Center for Housing Studies has completed the vulnerability assessment of the North Beach area. Community Outreach meetings are scheduled for February 2021.A Final Report is scheduled to be completed in early Summer 2021.

About the Resilience Planning Grant

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has awarded St. Johns County a Resilience Planning Grant to engage the citizens of the North Beach area in an effort to improve the resilience of the North Beach area to coastal flooding resulting from high-tide events, storm surge, flash floods, stormwater runoff, and related impacts of sea-level rise. Anticipated outcomes include:

  • Community refresher on Comprehensive Plan and Peril of Flood legislation and opportunities
  • Parcel-level analysis of housing and flood hazard vulnerabilities with the study area; development of potential strategies to address and mitigate vulnerabilities, enhance resilience, including both policy recommendations and potential Adaptation Action Areas.
  • Workshops to present identified vulnerabilities, possible strategies, and potential Adaptation Action Areas to foster pubic participation and gather comments and reactions.
  • Final Report; template for vulnerability assessments in other areas of St. Johns County and the North Florida Region.




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