Watering Schedule

sprinklerWatering Schedule

The suggested watering schedule is to help ensure the supply of reclaimed water meets community needs:

  • Home addresses ending in ODD numbers, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Home addresses ending in EVEN numbers, Thursday and Sunday.

It is imperative that homeowners maintain their irrigation systems. Broken or worn out parts such as spray heads, pop-ups, and rain gauges, should be replaced to help conserve water resources.

Why a watering schedule?

Proper watering is important in maintaining a Florida-friendly lawn and landscape. Overwatering can cause more harm than good. SJCUD recommends 10-15 minutes per zone, while remaining cognizant of dry or yellowing turf.  Reclaimed water contains nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus.  Once people start watering with reclaimed water, they find they need to fertilize their landscapes less frequently as compared to how often they had to fertilize their lawns when watering with drinking water.

For More Information

For more information on watering restrictions visit:www.sjrwmd.com/wateringrestrictions/

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