Adopt-A-Road Program

The St. Johns County Adopt-a-Road program is a litter prevention campaign designed to remove unsightly litter and debris from county roads and improve the quality of the environment. This program is not only directed to benefit the community, but it enables citizens to make a positive impact by demonstrating their pride in keeping St. Johns County beautiful.

Who Can Adopt-A-Road?

  • Citizen volunteers
  • Business
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Civic Organization

Guidelines to Adopt-A-Road

Decide Which Road to Adopt
Since you will be checking your road periodically, we suggest selecting a location near your home, school or business. Otherwise, St. Johns County can suggest suitable roads. Determine how many people will be needed to adopt the road, whether it is a safe and accessible area to pick up litter and if there is sufficient parking, etc. (Must be at least one mile in length.)

Contact Us and Take Action
Contact our office to confirm your road section and participation in the Adopt-a-Road Program by completing an “Adopt A Road” Litter Removal Agreement to adopt the roadway.

Learn More About the Program
Participants are provided with garbage bags and supplies for clean-up days. In addition, each adopted section of road will be marked with a sign with your group’s name to receive recognition for the group’s community contribution. We will order your signs and have them installed at the proper locations.

Share Your Results and Fill Out a Post Clean-up Report
When the cleanups are completed, the group will fill out a Post Clean Up Report and place all trash collected at the base of their road sign. Please arrange for the removal of the filled garbage bags by contacting Solid Waste Division. If you have trash/ debris that are too large, heavy, or hazardous for your group to remove, let us know in the Post-Cleanup Report.

The St Johns County Adopt-a-Road Program owes its popularity and success to its many dedicated volunteers. By working together we build a sense of community pride, which in turn leads to a cleaner and safer place to live. When we build a sense of community, we are building a better tomorrow.

More Information

For more information about the program and how to get involved, please contact the Solid Waste Division.

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