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Captain ReducioA Message from Captain Reducio

Ahoy Mateys! I’m Captain Reducio, the newest buccaneer to the crew here at the St. Johns County Solid Waste Division.

Years ago, I embarked on a perilous voyage, crossing the seven seas, as I followed the turbulent waste stream on my boat, the “Steward Ship.”

I’ve been in search of a long lost treasure chest that contains the secrets of how to live sustainably

On my quest, I battled the Marine Debris Sea Monster and teamed up with Commodore Compost to fight a rogue fleet of food waste.

My map then led me to the Cove of Single-Use Plastics, where I was attacked by the ghost ship, “Poly Styrene;” skippered by the Sinister Captain Straw and crewed by the spirits of undead plastic bags and bottles that never decompose. Shiver me Timbers!

But using the power of the 3 Arrrrs!!! “Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle,” I can beat these scallywags and continue on my expedition; so I can find the chest, unlock the secrets, and break the Curse of Contamination! But I can’t do it alone.

So, join me in this effort by making sure we all Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Right, savvy?! ...or ye be walking the plank! Hahahahaha

Schedule Captain Reducio for Your Event!

Capt. Reducio loves to meet students and residents to promote recycling efforts in St. Johns County. If you’d like to schedule him for your school or community event, please contact us at

Captain Reducio's Story

Solid Waste Mascot "Captain Reducio" Backstory YouTube video.


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