St. Johns County Recognizes April 2024 as Water Conservation Month

At the April 16, 2024, St. Johns County Board of County Commission Regular Meeting, Commissioner Henry Dean, District 5 issued a proclamation recognizing April 2024 as Water Conservation Month. Representatives from St. Johns County River Water Management District attended the meeting to receive the proclamation.

During the meeting, special recognition was also given to Saniya Aleem, a talented 9th-grade student from Creekside High School, for her impressive 3rd place win in the statewide Drop Savers Poster Contest. Saniya’s creative contribution further emphasizes the significance of youth involvement in promoting water conservation initiatives.

As Florida’s Water Conservation Month, April serves as a pivotal period for educating citizens on practical ways to conserve water, especially during the typically dry conditions that characterize this time of year. St. Johns County has long championed water conservation efforts through various educational programs and special events, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

It’s emphasized that every business, industry, school, and citizen has a role to play in water conservation. By conserving water, individuals not only contribute to the health of the local economy and community but also play a crucial part in safeguarding Florida’s natural ecosystems.

The St. Johns River Water Management District website serves as a valuable hub of knowledge and guidance for those seeking more information on water conservation initiatives and resources.

As we collectively embark on this journey to preserve and protect our water resources, let us all strive to make a positive impact through responsible water usage and conservation practices. Together, we can ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.