Land Development Code

The Land Development Code contains most of the land development regulations governing the development of property within unincorporated St. Johns County. The following are the Articles contained within the St. Johns County Land Development Code. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Download the complete Land Development Code (5.7 MB) or only the sections that you need below.

Table of Contents

ArticleTitleMost Recent Adoption Date
Article IGeneral Provisions06-22-04
Article IIZoning Districts & Special Uses05-04-21
Article IIISpecial Districts04-19-22
Article IVNatural Resources08-16-22
Article VDevelopment Options06-20-23
Article VIDesign Standards & Improvement Requirements06-20-23
Article VIISigns06-05-18
Article VIIIAgencies & Boards09-03-13
Article IXAdministration12-17-19
Article XInterpretations, Equitable Relief, & Enforcement06-05-18
Article XIConcurrency Management08-07-18
Article XIIDefinitions06-20-23
Appendix ATraffic Methodology & Procedures08-07-18
Appendix BCharacteristics of, Finding of Fact, & Declaration of Policy for Scenic Highways06-01-10
Appendix CFrontage Illustration07-29-99
Appendix DSetbacks & Spacing07-29-99
Appendix ERoadway Functional Classifications10-17-06
Appendix FRoadway Access Classes10-17-06
Appendix GExamples of Classification Points & Swapdown10-15-02