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Wellness Premium Incentive Program

Earn your 2025 medical premium credit by completing an annual wellness exam.


2023 Florida Retirement System (FRS) Changes

Effective July 1, 2023, per new state legislation there were several major changes to FRS benefits.

For detailed information on retirement, visit the FRS website at www.myfrs.com or call (866) 446-9377 to speak with an FRS representative.

COVID Discontinuation

COVID Discontinuation

Updated 4/27/23  –  The Federal Government announced the end of the COVID-19 National Emergency and Public Health Emergency Declarations, therefore, the following is effective immediately:

  1. Employees no longer have to report a positive COVID test through the County’s Employee COVID Self Reporting Form portal.
  2. If an employee receives a positive test, it shall be treated as a personal health condition and staff should use their appropriate accrued leave for any absences.
  3. Best practice guidance for a positive person is for the employee to return to the workplace 5 days after the start of symptoms. Symptoms should be significantly improved upon return.