Case Plans

A Case Plan is completed for every child that enters through the protective services or out of home placement doors. Case Plans define the tasks that need to be completed by the parents, caregivers, and child, if applicable; in order to accomplish the best outcome for your child.

The Case Plan is discussed at a case plan conference. You will be asked to attend this meeting. Anyone who will be asked to help you accomplish these tasks such as intervention professionals and foster parents may also be invited.

Case Plans are reviewed by your attorney and the Dependency Court Judge and if accepted made an order of the Court. Your FIP Dependency Case Manager will speak with you about what you would like written into the Case Plan before the case plan conference.

Remember that the child’s Case Plan will be designed with your child’s safety in mind and include best practices for the well-being of children and families.

One or more family members or child’s custodian are frequently required to complete tasks outlined within the case plan. You will be asked what you think you need to do to meet the safety needs of your child. Don’t be surprised if you are required to complete specific tasks or classes.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to prevent additional FIP intervention in addition to enjoying well-being within your family.

Case plans can be modified if circumstances change. Compliance is reviewed at Judicial Review hearings every six months.

Please keep in mind that the Adoption & Safe Children and Families Act of 1997 has become a law stating that a child’s determination of termination of parental rights when it is in question, must be resolved within 12 months.