Commissioner Joseph Commends St. Johns County Fire Rescue

In a heartwarming testament to community service, a St. Johns County resident recently contacted District 5 Commissioner Krista Joseph to thank St. Johns Fire Rescue for providing exceptional assistance during a time of need.

A local resident from District 4 expressed her gratitude via email, for an incident involving her malfunctioning dishwasher on the night of October 3rd. Confronted with smoke emanating from the appliance, she dialed 911. In response, the Fire Department arrived promptly, illuminating the street with emergency vehicles. The homeowner commended the team’s professionalism and kindness in handling the situation, utilizing three floor fans to disperse the smoke and odor.

Moved by the remarkable service, the resident and her husband visited the Fire Station weeks later, offering a donation and extending their appreciation. They were directed to, where they made a donation and shared their story. The homeowners highlighted the reassurance of having such a dependable, local Fire Department. Commissioner Joseph echoed the resident’s sentiments, expressing immense pride in the St. Johns Fire Rescue team and its leadership. Joseph emphasized the department’s commitment to assisting citizens in any situation, emphasizing their professionalism and unwavering dedication to humble service.

The commendation serves as a reminder of the unwavering dedication and selfless commitment of the St. Johns Fire Rescue team to the community, regardless of the scale of the emergency. Their exemplary conduct continues to earn them admiration and gratitude from the residents they serve.