Commissioner Krista Joseph Visits Ponte Vedra Croquet Club, Meets World-Class Athletes

Today, Commissioner Krista Joseph visited the Ponte Vedra Croquet Club (PVCC), located at 100 Mosquito Control Road, Ponte Vedra Beach, to show her support for the organization as well as the continued growth of the game of Croquet in St. Johns County. The PVCC, a member of the United States Croquet Association (USCA), was founded by Ponte Vedra’s own John Curington in 2013. Curington was inducted into the USCA Hall of Fame in 2006.

The PVCC is a private club, open to members and their guests. The club arranges social events, tournaments, clinics, visiting professionals, and regular organized play. Curington provided Commissioner Joseph with a tour of the facility, which was formerly owned by the Anastasia Mosquito Control District before it was purchased and repurposed by Curington. The PVCC features three full-size grass courts on the North Lawn and four three-quarter-size grass courts on the South Lawn. The inside of the clubhouse features a lounge area and restrooms.

Adjacent to the South Lawn sits the Pavilion, offering a rustic space for shade and comfortable seating with an unmatched view of the game. Curington shared that a huge draw for Croquet is that it provides a low-impact exercise option for people of all ages and abilities while utilizing skill, strategy, and socialization.

Curington also shared with Commissioner Joseph that the PVCC is home to elite athletes like Helen Covington and Debbie Davidoff. These two women rank in the top five nationally by the United States Croquet Association. In August 2023, Covington and Davidoff represented the USCA at the 2023 Women’s Golf Croquet World Championship held at the Sussex County Croquet Club in Brighton, England. The 2024 Women’s Golf Croquet World Championship will be held in the U.S. at Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club in Virginia, where the PVCC will surely be represented once again by its world-class members.

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