Commissioner Sarah Arnold Meets With West Augustine CRA Leadership

In October, Commissioner Arnold met with leaders to seek ways to improve various aspects of the West Augustine area. The leadership includes the West Augustine Community Redevelopment District, community organizers, the Florida Memorial University Foundation, and others. The focus of their discussions was affordable housing, employment opportunities, transportation, access to healthcare, and a variety of other quality-of-life programs. They also discussed cultural and tourism outreach efforts to draw visitors to the area. As stated in the 2024 Legislative Action Plan, St. Johns County has a concept of a State Museum of Black History to be located in the West Augustine area in the County’s requested State appropriations. St. Johns County encourages the Museum of Black History Task Force to provide due consideration to the City of St. Augustine as the future site location of a new state museum honoring the history of African Americans in Florida. The County also requests the Legislature support the mission of the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center. Commissioner Arnold appreciates the collaborative efforts of the County and community leaders to discuss and strategize on the West Augustine area.