County Advances Shore Drive Trail Project, Honoring Legacy of Late Commissioner Paul Waldron

The Board of County Commissioners proudly announces its commitment to honoring the enduring legacy of the late Commissioner Paul Waldron by advancing the Shore Drive Trail Project. This initiative reflects Commissioner Waldron’s unwavering advocacy for enhancing equal access to natural beauty and waterways, prioritizing safety, and ensuring ADA accessibility in all policy decisions.

At its March 5 regular meeting, the Board chose to proceed with the installation of a three-mile multi-use trail as part of the Shore Drive Trail Project. Commissioner Roy Alaimo made the motion. This endeavor aims to not only expand but also improve the overall park experience for all residents of St. Johns County.

The decision followed nearly three hours of public comments, during which some members of the community expressed concerns about potential disturbances to the current characteristics of the area and others supported the safety and accessibility improvements the multi-use trail will offer. The Board collectively acknowledged and respected these sentiments while recognizing the broader vision shared by Commissioner Waldron. The project aligns with the County’s steadfast commitment to expanding park and natural beauty access for all residents.

This commemorative project reflects the County’s dedication to creating inclusive recreational spaces that honor Commissioner Waldron’s enduring legacy. As the Shore Drive Trail Project unfolds, the Board encourages ongoing community engagement and welcomes input to ensure the realization of a trail that reflects the values and priorities of the entire community.