Development Technical

Standards & Details for Roadways 

Standards & Details for roadways were updated and implemented in December 2010; this is the governing document for all roadway construction, including repairs, utility placement, drainage structures, and supporting work. 

Sunshine Utility Location 

Call 1 (800)-432-4770, or visit Always Call Before You Dig!

Stormwater Management 

The control and management of runoff generated by rainfall is of utmost importance to St. Johns County. Several agencies play a role in the evaluation of stormwater generated by development; however, the Land Development Code explains the County’s principal regulations; see Section 6.04.06 Design Standards and Improvement Requirements.

Floodplain Development 

Any development in the floodplain requires a construction permit. If you suspect that illegal floodplain development is occurring, call the St. Johns County Transportation Development Division at (904) 209-0627.