Does St. Johns County have a leash law?

  • 2 August 2023

St. Johns County Division of Animal Control operates under County Ordinance 2017-36. This ordinance creates the St. Johns County Leash and Dangerous Law for dogs and cats. The main objective of this department is to enforce this law as well as State of Florida statutes that apply, such as rabies.

The Leash and Dangerous Law Ordinance, was established with everyone’s safety in mind. By keeping your pet on a leash, you protect your pet from traffic if it should suddenly dart away. You safeguard your pet from injury from passersby who felt your pet intended them harm and react defensively. You hopefully avoid a situation in which your pet may bite someone and then be deemed “dangerous.” If you have a pet that may be aggressive or a fear biter, by keeping them on a leash you prevent an incident. As stated above, a pet that bites may be deemed “dangerous” (County Ordinance 2017-36). With this in mind, you can understand that our Animal Control Officers are also here to protect our citizens from harm. By enforcing the laws, they hope to prevent any citizen from being bitten or attacked by a dog or a cat, as well as safeguarding your pets.