How Revenue is Allocated

  • 29 August 2023

The St. Johns County Commission has set by ordinance (#92-32) the division of funds on a 40-30-30 basis with forty percent (40%) going to advertising and promotion, thirty percent (30%) going to culture and special events, and thirty percent (30%) going to beaches and recreation. Ordinance 92-32 further stipulates that the 40-30-30 split of tax revenues cannot be changed without a referendum election. The final 1% of tax added in 1991 is designated for advertising and is added to the 40% allocated to Category I. History had shown that a number of organizations applied for funds which the grants panel found to be worthy, but could not legitimately label some events as cultural. Direct promotion and advertising is referred to as Category I. Culture and special events are referred to as Category II, and recreation, beaches, and related facilities is referred to as Category III.