Hastings Redevelopment


St. Johns County’s Hastings Economic Development Public Survey is Closed– On Sept. 25, St. Johns County announced a new website with an online survey as part of its efforts to engage the public on its preferences for potential economic development opportunities in the Hastings community and nearby areas. The online survey is closed. www.sjchastings.com 

St. Johns County Requests Sentiment on Economic Development in Hastings

The St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners is looking to gain a better understanding of the sentiment of those who live in Hastings and the surrounding areas about economic development. The Board is interested in knowing how residents prioritize economic development relative to other community issues and would also like to know the general direction residents believe should be taken for potential economic development in the area.

This process is focused on the formerly incorporated town of Hastings, which was founded in 1890 as an agricultural production center. Hastings and the surrounding areas make up a special part of St. Johns County, providing vital food production, open space and historical significance. Area residents are the backbone of St. Johns County culture and serve an outsized role in making this County the great place that it is.

Community Input

Community input can be provided in a number of ways, including through a survey, written comments submission, and public meetings. Information about the community input, including the online survey and written comments form, can be found on the project website at www.sjchastings.com.

The survey asks questions such as the importance of economic growth in Hastings, concerns regarding growth, major areas of focus for economic development and more. The survey will be open until November 19. Printed copies of the survey are also available at the Hastings branch of the St. Johns County Public Library System located at 6195 S. Main St., Hastings, FL 32145.

Written comments can also be submitted through a form on the website. This form allows community members to share additional comments and considerations that may not have been addressed in the survey.


Questions? Email sjchastings@sjcfl.us