St. Johns County Recognized May 2024 as Foster Parent Appreciation Month

At the May 21, 2024, St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting, Commissioner Krista Joseph, District 4 issued a proclamation recognizing May 2024 as Foster Parent Appreciation Month. Representatives from the St. Johns County Family Integrity Program attended the meeting to receive the proclamation.

The Family Integrity Program in St. Johns County is committed to providing essential community services to support families in crisis.

“I am proud of you all,” said Commissioner Krista Joseph. “You are the greatest people in the world!”

Foster Care is a critical safety net for children who cannot remain safely in their homes and have no other placement options. St. Johns County’s dedicated foster families step in during these challenging times, offering loving and nurturing environments. These families not only provide immediate care, but also support the child’s attachment to their family, faith, culture, and community, helping to reduce the trauma associated with being removed from their home.

The proclamation emphasized that foster families are indispensable members of the broader caregiving team. Their commitment to addressing all aspects of a child’s needs ensures the best possible outcomes. The Family Integrity Program expressed deep gratitude to the local families who have opened their hearts and homes, offering stability and care during times of great need.

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