St. Johns County Recognized May 6 – 12 as Correctional Officers and Employees Week

At the May 7, 2024, St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting, Commissioner Christian Whitehurst, District 1, issued a proclamation recognizing May 6 – 12 as Correctional Officers and Employees Week. Representatives from St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office attended the meeting to receive the proclamation.

National Correctional Officers Week was first proclaimed on May 6, 1984 by President Ronald Reagan when he signed proclamation 5187, recognizing Corrections employees who work in jails, prisons and community corrections across the country whose professionalism, hard work and dedication to serve and protect the public and the community.

In St. Johns County, there are 257 employees assigned to the Corrections Division at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office who work closely with contracted health and food service providers to meet the diverse needs of those in custody awaiting trial and/or court proceedings.

Correctional professionals face numerous difficulties and challenges on a daily basis. They are entrusted with not only the responsibility to keep our citizens and community safe by maintaining the safety and security of the county jail but are expected to improve and rehabilitate individuals, including physical and mental health, education, job training, and reentry into society when released.

Correctional Officers and Employees Week offers an opportunity to acknowledge and honor our Corrections Professionals for the contributions they make every day and for the sacrifices they make to serve the citizens of St. Johns County.

For more information, visit St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office’s website.