Road and Bridge

The Road and Bridge Division provides general maintenance for all County Roadways and Drainage Facilities, which includes but is not limited to roadway construction, pothole repair, culvert replacements, ditch cleaning, road grading, road side mowing, herbicide spraying, tree trimming and removal.

This Division also provides for mining operations in the County Borrow Pits and other functions needed to keep the County roadways safe and to keep the stormwater facilities functional. In addition, the Road & Bridge Division provides the service of staking culvert and swale driveway elevations for new residential and commercial driveways and follow up through to the final inspection.

Concerns or Requests

Our Mission

  • To provide vegetative growth control and maintenance for all County roadways and drainage facilities.
  • To mow County rights-of-way on a rotating schedule.
  • To underbrush major outfall ditches.

Roadway or drainage concerns on a County Road

Roadway or drainage concerns on a County Road
Call in a work request to Road & Bridge Department at (904) 209-0266.

After hours, Holidays and weekends, please call (904) 824-8304 (Sheriffs Department Dispatch) or (904) 829-2226 (Fire Rescue Dispatch). 

Emergencies, please dial 911.

Mowing Services

Mowing Schedule

During the months of April 1st through October 15th, the County right-of-ways are mowed on a six-week rotating basis.


Questions regarding the schedule, please call (904) 209-0266.

Services Road & Bridge Cannot Provide

We cannot provide services on private property or services under the jurisdiction of another agency. Common requests for services that cannot be performed or that will be referred to others include the following list, where applicable the phone numbers have been provided for your convenience.

  • Driveway repair (Property Owner)
  • Tree removal (Private Property)
  • Dead Animals (Private Property)
  • Fences and Walls (Private Property)
  • Ditches not in Easements
  • Landscape Maintenance (Private Property)
  • Water and Sewer problems need to be referred to appropriate utility company (Your Service Provider)
  • Private roads (dirt or paved) not dedicated to the public or the county and formally accepted by the Board of County Commissioners for maintenance.
  • Any calls referring to anything on State Roads (i.e., US 1, SR 207, SR 312), must be called in to the Florida Department of Transportation


Who do I call to report potholes, street drainage problems, etc.?

Road & Bridge at (904) 209-0266 to put in work request.